We said hello to September, the first month of fall, but still I have a special exotic editorial. What about a sensual dress, vaporous and colorful, perfect for a special cocktail?

As you know, I have a crush on dresses with floral prints and this one couldn’t be more perfect for me. Made from silk, with a special sensual design, this dress is so beautiful and elegant.

We made this photoshoot a few weeks ago on a summer windy day and the weather was actually great for us. I really loved this dress  and I couldn’t wait to share with you this lovely item.

But, that’s not all. Save the best for last they say, so here I am with a black gown with cape, another amazing dress signed from the same brand.

So, let me introduce you Akasha Asai, a new Romanian fashion brand that compliment the feminine figure with  high-end and demi-couture pieces.

Hope you’ll love it, just like me and check more about their beautiful items.

Outfits: Akasha Asai

Photos: Andreea Mocanu