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Sunny beach

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My happiness comes in waves. Although I am born in autumn, in November, I love summer, the sea and the heat.

I know, the heat can be really hard to bear, but if you leave me at the seaside, I’d be happy to stay there all day long. We returned from our vacation almost two weeks ago , but I’m still thinking about Greece and its beautiful beaches.

Walk in the park


Summer is here finally and I love it! I waited for a while, so I intend to enjoy as much as I can these lovely warm days.

I love the beach, you know me, but I would not say “No” to a refreshing walk in the park. The trees are green, everything smells so nice, so, yes a walk in nature is a big Yes for me.

Summer pleasures


Summer, sun, sea and fun. This is all I have been thinking about for a long time since, finally, the waited summer is here.


Fashion, My Lifestyle

Finally, summer is here, the season we all love! I don’t know about you, but I love summer because it’s the season of the most beautiful holidays.

I love summer because I can see the clear sky, I walk the streets in the most steamy dresses or in a lace pareo and I already feel like on vacation. In summer, sun is fun, the music sounds on the terraces and the air of the party floats in the air. Even the heat is much easier to bear when we have the most innovative methods to cool us. Let your imagination fly and you’ll be able to feel fresh even on the hottest days of summer.

Before the rain


This spring, jackets are more fashionable than ever. That’s because we have a changed weather, with more rain than the sun.