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The flattering pencil dress

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Chic and feminine, the pencil dress is one of the most flattering item that every woman can have. Creates a gorgeous silhouette and most importantly, it can be worn anytime, even at the office, during the day. Lovely, isn’t, it?

Denim joy


Besides trends and glam appearances, sometimes fashion is all about being comfy and also stylish. Denim items fits perfectly with this description and can add fun and variety to any outfit.

Urban chic


You don’t necessarily need the sun for a nice day. Nope, all you need is love, a good mood and a bit of inspiration for a feminine urban outfit.

Trend love: the camel coat


Hey there. Finally, I came back with a new street style post. It’s a beautiful day outside. It’s Monday and it’s sunny. Some of us enjoy it, other don’t.