It’s cold outside, but it does not mean you cannot wear your skirts any more. Especially the midi skirt is a trendy item this season, that looks magnificent in endless combinations.

And if you were searching for the perfect one, I’m here with a lovely skirt, worth to try on. Following the last trends, I pick up a metallic pink skirt, so chic and feminine. Pastel clothing isn’t just for spring and summer anymore and I love to wear them in my autumn outfits.

In my opinion, pastels are perfect for fall, because they add a bit of color to an outfit without overwhelming any other pieces. I mix this beautiful midi skirt with his denim shirt and flats oxford shoes, for a high masculine contrast. After all, when it comes to style, it’s only your perspective that matters. What’s not to loveĀ  thinking out of the box when it comes to fashion & style?

Kisses & I hope this outfit will inspire you for more creativity and bold autumn looks!









Outfit: Woman Fashion midi skirt, Lee Cooper shirt, C&A bag