Goodbye summer, hello autumn!

I know, we embraced the new season for a month ago, but but I’ve just started to enjoy the autumn. Now that I finished my fashion week summer looks, I’ll start the fall outfit ideas. 

I’m so excited because fall is all about layering, cozy items and dark colors that I can’t wait to style in the most creative ways. For today I choose a statement item for the cold season: over the knee boots. First of all, I must confess something. Until recently I didn’t really see myself wearing them. I admired this trend, but I was afraid that I will look like a puss in boots wearing this kind of shoes.  But everything has a start.

So, I saw them online, I went to the store and said the I had to give them a chance. So, I tried the boots and I kinda like the view. Long legs, sexy poze, yes please, I’ll get them! As you can see, I don’t waste too much time shooping when I find something that I like. Then came the bigger part. Let’s style them! 

I wore this boots with a mini skirt (doubtless) and a metallic top, but something was missing. As I said, fall is filled with plenty of layering opportunities, so I added also a blazer for a casual touch. Between a super sexy appearance, I choose a wise seductive look, that suits me better. Over the knee boots can look really provocative, so it’s easy to play with fire, but don’t get burned!

Outfit: Cizme si sacou Zara, Top Fashion Days, Fusta Medicine, Geanta Iutta