How would be like to wake up with a smile on your face,  surrounded by luxury, comfort and refinement? Because sometimes it can be difficult to find a special place to relax, today I’ll invite you to explore the beauty and charm of the French lifestyle.

Floral prints, neutral colors and pastel shades combined with exquisite furniture pieces are the essential elements that define a splendid French decor. Also, beautiful abstract paintings that fit perfectly into the home decor are offering a great view.

Romantic and distinctly, Parisian style is truly opulent and special. Are you already dreaming with open eyes to a charming space, where you’ll drink your coffee and relax?

Your favorite room can become unrecognizable if you’ll use the perfect decor items to change its appearance. Another mood. A new beginning. L’Art de Vivre A modern and welcoming joie de vivre in your home!


fashion editorial Roche Bobois Bucuresti

blogger de moda romanesc Cristina Candea

Cristina Candea blogger de moda

fashion blogger editorial Roche Bobois Bucharest

blogger de moda romanesc editorial Roche Bobois2

blogger de fashion romanesc

Roche Bobois fashion editorial

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Roche Bobois Bucharest fashion luxury style editorial

Cristina Candea blogger de moda romanesc

Outfits: THAÏS & STRÖE

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