Time flies so fast. Welcome pastel shades, glamour looks and fancy trends!

It’s spring time but feels more like summer with this bright and hot sun. Well, I don’t mind the heat, in fact I quite like it. This weather makes dream about travels, adventures and lovely outfits.

Definitely, a beautiful journey that I imagine can only begin with some fabulous items. I got my inspiration for today’s outfit form ATU Body Couture spring summer collection. I simply love it because is glamorous, but also comfortable and easy to wear.

Flared pants are a statement this season and this pair looks absolutely gorgeous. I loved that urban vibe, but I needed also something bold, like this pink pastel polo shirt with dozens of sequins. What could be more fashionable and brighter than that?

Cheers & hugs

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Outfit: ATU Body Couture pants and polo shirt, Meli Melo backpack

Photographer: Cristina Băluţă