New year, same dreams, but new chances to make them come true. Welcome 2019, let the adventures begin!



Hey there, I’m so happy to come back with my first post from 2019.
New beginnings are so invigorating and I love this kind of feelings.
2018 was beautiful, but it was a really hard year. It was my full maternity year, when I learned my most important parenting lessons.

It was a real challenge to raise my baby and also try not to give up to my dreams. I often said it last year and please, let me add this again, it’s not easy to be a mommy (blogger), but not impossible either. So here I am, fresh, confident and ready for a new begining.

Yes, I have new plans and new resolutions in mind, but I will not tell more about them, for the moment. No, I will keep them in mind and I will do my best to make them come true.

I’m more confident about myself and I know I can do more. Follow my steps as before and stay tuned for nice posts and stories. From now I will share more about my personal life, the real life between the nice and glam.
Of course, fashion remains my big passion, so you’ll not miss this kind of posts.

In fact, I will let here my firs street style pictures from 2019.
It’s a bold, colorful look that defines perfectly my style.

Have a wonderful, lucky, and prosperous New Year! See you here, kisses!


Outfit: Womanfashion blazer, Topshop skirt, Stradivarius boots, Mamisi bag

Photos: Andreea Mocanu