3 fashion shows, Anteprima, Daniela Gregis and Daizy Shely, #Furlamediterranea presentation and Vogue Talents & Who is on Next event were all checked on day three at Milan Fashion Week.

After such a tough week, with fever, a few hours to sleep, I managed to come back and write about another busy but fabulous day at Milan. My baby got sick and that’s why I stayed away from the laptop these days, but finally he feels better now so here I am with some nice fashionable stories.

We needed full energy after the previous crazy day, so before the first show we stop in Piazza Duomo for a good coffe. Nice people, good music and such a nice view, we really enjoyed it!

So, the first show of the day was Anteprima. I was absolutely impressed, nice color combination and mixed prints! I would definitely wear every single piece from this collection.

Anteprima Spring/Summer 2019

After Anteprima fashion show, we had to go to another different location to see Furla‘s new collection. This event took place in a  beautiful spot from the city, Brera. Outside was a lovely summer party with cocktails, ice cream and inside we could admire the new Furla bags.

Because I new I’ll have a busy day with many walks, for this day I choose a sporty look. I wore a denim outfit from Atu Body Couture, Cathias Edeline bag and yes, a pair of sporty shoes, thanks God! My feets really needed a break from heels.

ATU BODY COUTURE outfit, Cathias Edeline bag

I felt so comfortable and yet dressed according to the latest trends from Milan Fashion Week. As I saw, sporty shoes are still a big influential fashion trend.

After Furla we had to run for the next fashion show, Daniela Gregis wich took place in Piazza San’Ambrogio, far away from this place, but the fashion show, the clothes were absolutely amazing!

After that we went to see a great exhibition: Vogue Talents & Who is on Next? 2018 at Palazzo Cusani. Here, talented italian and international designers selected and featured in Vogue Talents exhibit their creations.

These are the future big names that will be soon on the catwalk. Here are just one of my favorites.

Well, after Vogue Talents exhibition the day was not over yet. We went to attend the last fashion show of the day, Daizy Shely. It was a beautiful collection with super-colored clothes, frills, sequins and prints that made me dream about the warm summer days.

Daizy Shely Spring/Summer 2019

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post, the fashion events and I’ll be back soon with my last day at Milan Fashion Week.