When you are pregnant you don’t have to say goodbye to all your favorite clothes or spend a fortune on clothes dedicated to pregnant women. I recommend you some easy style tricks that worked perfect for me during my pregnancy.

Yes, you can be stylish when you are pregnant!


When I found out that I will have a baby, among the dozens of thoughts that went through my head, of course, I was concerned about this one – what am I going to wear from now on?

I will introduce you to the photo gallery below with my nine month pregnancy outfits and the style tricks I used to have a stylish look during pregnancy.

Trimestrul 1

Shirt dresses, boyfriend jeans, midi skirts


Luna I


Luna a II-a


Luna a III-a

Trimestrul 2

Vaporous dresses, cardigans, loose cuts


Luna a IV-a


Luna a V-a


Luna a VI-a

Trimestrul 3

Knited sweaters and masculine jackets

Luna a VII-a


Luna a VIII-a


Luna a IX-a