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Parinti organizati? Desigur! Cum functioneaza metoda creata de Diana Mihaila, primul Master Professional Organizer din Romania

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Organizarea – mai ales cand ai copii mici – poate fi un cosmar. Prea multe lucruri, jocuri, jucarii si activitati de gestionat intr-un interval de spatiu si timp limitat. Dar organizarea se poate transforma intr-o activitate placuta si relaxanta daca aplici o serie de principii clare si simple pentru tine si familia ta. O demonstreaza metoda dezvoltata de Diana Mihaila, primul blogger – Master Professional Organizer din Romania, si validata de International Association of Professional Organizers.

Pe 14 septembrie va avea loc evenimentul-spectacol #MareaOrganizare ajuns la cea de-a doua editie.

Postcards from Kavala

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I knew that Greece is full of beautiful places, but I didn’t think that this city would impress me so much. We came back for almost a month from our vacation, but I’m  still dreaming about this beautiful Greek place. Really, I would love to come back in Kavala.

I’ve been very busy lately and that’s why I didn’t have time to write some travel impressions. However, I liked Kavala so much that can’t go unnoticed on my blog. So, I sincerely recommend you to visit this city, especially if you don’t want to venture to the remote islands of Greece. We did about 8 hours by car, but we also had a a few stop, considering that we traveled with our 1 year and 7 months baby.

Sunny beach

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My happiness comes in waves. Although I am born in autumn, in November, I love summer, the sea and the heat.

I know, the heat can be really hard to bear, but if you leave me at the seaside, I’d be happy to stay there all day long. We returned from our vacation almost two weeks ago , but I’m still thinking about Greece and its beautiful beaches.


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Finally, summer is here, the season we all love! I don’t know about you, but I love summer because it’s the season of the most beautiful holidays.

I love summer because I can see the clear sky, I walk the streets in the most steamy dresses or in a lace pareo and I already feel like on vacation. In summer, sun is fun, the music sounds on the terraces and the air of the party floats in the air. Even the heat is much easier to bear when we have the most innovative methods to cool us. Let your imagination fly and you’ll be able to feel fresh even on the hottest days of summer.

Easter in style!

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Hello, everyone! I hope you had a great holiday and feel refreshed now, after a couple on nice sunny days. I had a great time with my loved ones, but also I wanted to celebrate the Easter in style, as you know me!