Dear Sun, where did you go?

I know, theoretically we are still in the winter, but it was so warm lately, that I almost forgotten. Spring is not here yet, but can we rise a little bit the temperatures? And please, dear wind, can you stop for a while?

These questions passed trough my head this weekend, when I was anxious to enjoy a sunny walk outside. When you have a baby it’s good to take advantage of your spare time, no matter what the weather is. So, I went outside to taste a hot flavored chocolate and make a photo shot with this casual outfit. 

I love this skirt so much, that it deserved to indulge 20 minutes of cold wind for a few pictures. Funny, right? Well, what is fashion without a bit of drama. It wasn’t that bad after all. Moreover, the wind blowing trough my hair offered me the perfect street style scenario.

You can see the result below 😀

Kisses and have a great Monday!



Outfit: Zara skirt & bag, Stradivarius top, New Look boots