Don’t know about you, but I really love the sea! This year I missed so much the blue waves and finally I was the happiest this weekend, when we arrived to the beach.

A pregnant woman can’t do many things at sea. No tanning, no swimming in the waves, otherwise everything is allowed. Haha, a bit funny, I know, because I love do both tanning and swimming, but hey, no drama! The baby’s safety was the most important here. So, I enjoined the fresh breeze under my umbrella, drinking plenty of water and just relaxed. It was absolutely perfect!

In the morning we did also a shooting with this lovely dress, perfect for a beach day. You know I love the colors, so here I am with this colorful stripes, sunnies and a must have beach accessory, the hat. Of course, smile is mandatory, especially when the sea waves are only a few meters away.

Outfit: Fashion Days dress, H&M flats and hat

Foto: Andreea Mocanu