Although I don’t love these low temperatures, finally I went out and did a small shooting in the snow.

Everything is white and cold, so, welcome to winter wonderland! To celebrate this special season, I choose a colorful outfit, matched with bold accesories. A pair of leather boots can never go wrong during this chilly season and I wore some stylish rock’n’roll boots from Diane Marie Studio.

Next match was my metallic Bookletta bag and why not, a pair of fancy sunnies. baby it’s cold outside, but let’s not take it to seriously. We can still have fun, keep it warm and fashionable. At least, that’s what I try to do.

Kisses and have a lovely week!



colorful knit sweater winter

winter wonderland fashion editorial



geanta de piele Bookleta

winter fashion street style

winter fashion editorial



sosete madam mitza


Outfit: Handmade knit cardigan, Terranova sweater, leather skirt, Madam Mitza socks

Diane Marie boots, Bookletta bag

Diane Marie Studio boots, Bookletta bag

Make-up: Ana Harlea

Photo: Elena Sandor