We always spend our most beautiful moments together with someone special. Everyone of us keeps their own album with magical moments and memories that will always be unique and memorable.

Today I’ll show you some of my memories beautiful, with lots of excitement and joy. For the first post of August I prepared a special shooting, because this month has a special significance.

Every year in August I celebrate some great moments: my husband’s birthday, our first holiday spent together and most importantly, our marriage. We got married on August 30.  How many trips and how many beautiful moments we have gathered together! Their charm is magnificent and I like to carry with me the symbols of our story.

Editorial bratari Pandora primavara vara 2016

Pandora bracelets, unique and very elegant items, gathers special charms that make me smile. I really like this brand philosophy, which is not common or trivial. Each collection marks a fest and each talisman symbolizes a unique moment.

Bijuterii talismane pandora editorial

pandora charms fashion editorial

blog de moda romanesc 2016

blogger de moda romanesc Cristina Candea

Pandora girl bracelet editorial story

romantic print dress fashion editorial

blogger de moda Cristina Candea

blog de fashion romanesc moda editorial

Pandora moments fashion editorial


Outfit: Rochie Woman Fashion,

Bratari, colier si inel Pandora – Colectia de Vara 2016, Sandale Il Passo

Locatie: Atelier Florens

Photo: Radu Cândea