There are quite a few good places for eat in Bucharest and I’m really thrilled that I’ve discovered one of the finest, Nuba – summer vibes.

This lovely restaurant it is located near Herastrau lake, so it’s the perfect place to enjoy a great view and of course, a tasty food. I went out with my best friend, Denisia , ready to taste some delicious cookies. We care so much about our silhouette, but after we saw the menu, it was already to late to stop. It was after a long time we haven’t seen each other, so we celebrate our reunion with some prosecco!

Cheers for us and four our lovely plans for this autumn. We had so much fun, but the very best time of our date was the incredible desert, prepared by chef Rares Cristian Dinu

Trust my words or better, convince yourself! I’ll let the following pictures to speak for themselves.

mancare desert Nuba Herastrau terasa

restaurant Nuba



nuba frappe


Lovely place Nuba #summervibes