Met Gala 2015 Fashion : Top 5 best looks


The 2015 Met Gala it was about elegance, luxury, glamor and shiny dresses.  And perhaps a little too much shine and transparency in some cases, that’s why just a few outfits really caught my attention.

So, here there are, my favorite dresses and celebrity from the event:

1. Cara Delevingne


Image source: Getty Images

How to wear a cropped sweater


how to wear a cropped sweater

Welcome, May! I know, we are  no longer in cold season, but when the rainy weather stubbornly persist, well, a cropped sweater it’s always good idea. Here are just a few pros to consider:

Timeless elegance: the little black dress


Iconic and timeless, the little black dress is still one of the most stylish items that every women can have. What makes it so special? It’s classy, chic and can be worn from morning dates to evening cocktails, looking absolutely glam.