Fall can be extremely moody or irritable sometimes, but still there is something that I particularly like during this season: the sweater weather.

I really love knitwear trend and autumn is the perfect time to wear it all day long. I have already a new favorite cozy item and this is just the begging (for knitwear shopping). But how could I say no to a colorful and cozy sweater like this?

Now comes further good news for you, dear shopaholics. I found this runway sweater from Iceberg  new, in perfect condition in an outlet store, near my work place. The price? Well, it was marked down to 80 percent off. I guess it may be an item from an older collection, but this doesn’t bothers me at all. It is so cozy, made of wool and cashmere, super soft and pleasant for touch. Doubtless, i like the bold colors, these colorful prints are one of the brand signature and I love it.

So, I think I did a good job, right? Soon I will have a closer look to the knitted Christmas sweaters, also. I noticed some beautiful items in a store window. And I guess I’ll return soon to that great outlet store. Yep, my precious credit card is in danger, again, as usual.

Kisses and have a lovely week!








Outfit: Iceberg sweater, C&A jeans,

Fashion Days shoes, Meli Melo bag