Although we have just a few days before Christmas, when I look out the window, I feel like spring is coming and not the winter.

Frankly, I’m not really sorry, because I don’t love the cold. I would enjoy winter season, but after the first snow fall,  that white and soft blanket becomes dirty, melts and a simply walk on the street turns out into a real adventure. So, hoping that winter will delay, I prefer to enjoy those warm beautiful days. 


Taking advantage of the nice weather, yesterday I took a break from my weekend tasks (cleaning, posting, editing pictures, etc.) and I went for a walk in the park. The darling of the family, our dog Alfie enjoyed most the sun. I wanted to post some pictures with him from a long time, but he’s so active, hyper and can’t sit still for a second. Yesterday we had better luck and even if he didn’t want to look at the camera, we managed to surprise a few nice pictures with him.


 Near the holidays, what could be nicer than spending our free time in the company of the loved ones. After such a beautiful day I feel happy and relaxed. Hope you’ll  have a nice week, too!


blogger de moda romanesc



kitty dress





Outfit: C&A Sweater,  SheInside Skirt, CCC boots, H&M bag

Photographer: Cristina Băluţă