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All white outfits trend made a fabulous comeback this season. I couldn’t be more happier , because I love white clothes and spring is the best time to wear them!

The most recent acquisition in my wardrobe is this white neoprenedress from Asos and I was so looking forward for the excuse to wear it. But, considering the yesterday’s windy weather, I had to mix the dress with a cozy sweater. It wasn’t such a bad idea, after all, cause I got a pretty nice all white outfit! Simple choices with maximum effect, isnt’t it?

And of course, my new pair of flats fit perfectly with the entire look. Well, I did some shopping this week-end and now I’ll start my week with joy and enthusiasm!

What about you? I hope you had a nice weekend, also! Have a great week and wear white clothes 😉 I hope you like this great fashion trend!

all white outfit street style

all white outfit street chic

street style all white outfit

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Asos white skirt

neopren white skirt Asos

Outfit: Neoprene Asos Dress, CCC Jenny Fairy Shoes, Pimkie White Sweater, Glam Clutch