It’s Monday so let’s start it strong, with a fresh attitude.

For today I prepared a special editorial with a great sporty chic outfitWith all this heat, I felt really good and comfortable wearing a versatile loose summer coat.

It’s wide, easy to style and more important it has two wearable sides. I loved the blue color, perfect for a minimal outfit, but also the bright prints offered me a touch of power and lots of energy. I choose a sporty look, but this coat is suitable for many other outfits, glam or casual.

What do you think? Would you like to wear an item with two wearable sides? I’m waiting for your opinion or comments and I hope you have a successful week!

tinuta sporty chic

Studio Dallo editorial

Studio Dallo coat

sporty chic style trends

blogger de moda romanesc Cristina Candea

blogger de moda Cristina Candea

sporty chic coat

Outfit: Studio DALLO summer coat

Photographer:  Alexandra Savu