Winter can be so seductive when you spend a great afternoon at a wonderful restaurant. What about a tasty Asian brunch in the middle of the day? Couldn’t say no, absolutely yes, please!

This weekend I had a lovely brunch with my dear friend, Elena at Nuba, a special place that provided us an unforgettable dining experience. We love exotic food and this restaurant offers the best Asian cuisine in town. The elegant ambiance impressed us and the service was truly impeccable!

First we ordered some starters, I choose Scallops and Foie Gras miniburger and Elena chose a bowl of Octopus with chirmichuri. Both meals looked fantastic and believe me, I don’t think that food ever tasted so good.

meniu brunch Nuba


Cheers to the friendship and tasty food! Our foodie affair continued with some warm dishes, Chilean Sea Bass with risotto and Beef donburi. Perfect appearance and such a tasty smell led to a more enjoyable meal! Sorry diet, there’s no way to refuse such a delicious treat!


And speaking about deliciousness, I didn’t told you yet about the desert. Our special brunch wouldn’t be complete without a decadent sweet Nuba dessert. Definitely, here I ate one of the best pavlova ever!

desert Nuba restaurant

We love the vibe here, especially in winter. This place is essentially the definition of elegant and cozy, looks so beautiful the food is so delicious. Well, if you still have doubts about what I’ve told, I’ll let a few images to speak for themselves.

Nuba restaurant bucuresti


Nuba meniu asian food mancare asiatica

Nuba blogger de lifestyle

desert Nuba

Location: Nuba

Photo: Elena Sandor