Girls-only party is the ultimate in sleepover chic and I just had to share this with you, once that we tried it and we had the best time ever.

The opportunity? Well, the fact that we like each other and we feel excellent together, it is enough for us to celebrate our friendship. A good friend is hard to find, so if you have one or two, or three real friends you are really lucky! Don’t waste time and follow our idea.

 Some of the best memories happens at sleep overs. No matters that you have already tones of funny moments, there is always place for more and trust us, you’ll not wanna miss this one.  

Sexy-feminine pajamas? Yes, please! Even for this special occasion we recommend fabulous items and we choose ours from the ultra chic line, Sevensins. The rest is up to you!

Funny jokes, gossip and boys talks, everything is permitted. Of course, make a lot of pictures and share a memorable night.

girls pijamma party


girls party night

blogger de moda Cristina Candea

blogger de moda romanesc

Girls: Elena si Denisia

Photo: Raluca Mărgescu Photography


Place: Ethan Allen România