About me

My experience and my passion for fashion inspired me to launch this personal style blog. I have a master’s degree in Fashion Design and  I’m currently working as a fashion editor in online media.I always liked to follow the catwalk reports, the latest fashion trends, some influential fashion bloggers and I decided to launch my own blog, my personal space were I’ll share my thoughts and ideas about fashion and street style.I like to think that fashion is unpredictable and chameleonic. Every day is a story and everyone of us becomes a character. With creativity everything is possible. I follow the trends, but I like to create my own fashion style. I have a passion for dresses, prints and lace, but also I like to mix femininity with masculine accents or unconventional details.I’ll invite you to discover more about me following my posts.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.

My motto? Real fashionistas follow the trends, but creates their own fashion style.

Stay tuned,