If my life isn’t pink yet, at least my clothes should be. What do I mean?

Well, I go through the most beautiful an challenging moments now. My life changhed absolutely and everyday brings me something new. Somedays I’m blue, others I’m red, or even pink , so ins’t just about a color, but certanlay is about joy.Β  My baby boy will turn soon 6 moths and I can’t belive how quickly the time has passed.

Looking back, I realized that I changed during this time and I am still in a constant change, but I love it. I’ll prepare some nice changing also about my style. Before, I didn’t think that a pink outfit will fit me, but here I am wearing this amazing suit.Β  Masculine suits are a great fashion trend that keeps coming back and I couldn’t be more happy to embrace them. Really love this beautiful suit from Womanfashion, that fits perfectly with my current feelings.

Check this great online shop for more attractive items and also, keep an eye on my activity.

I’ll try to post more often, but if I’ll skip some days from my blog due to the lack of time, find all the updates about my projects & activity on my Instagram account.


Outfit:Β Womanfashion.ro suit, Marc Jacobs shoes

Foto:Β Andreea Mocanu