Max Mara turned seaward for spring, setting sail with a fresh, upbeat collection, yet one not without its peculiarities.

Silky separates in a flashy rope print and star motif (big stars, small stars) were buoyant to an extreme.

Ian Griffiths, Max Mara’s creative director, threw in a couple of novelty notes—the star-pattern knits (no doubt inspired by officers’ epaulets) and prints of ropes on silk pieces—and he couldn’t hold back on some quirky styling, extending the sleeves of stripy tees and doing up jackets and coats on the wrong button, inspired by the 80’s style.

Lovely, animated and definitely a charming collection, I love it!

mx mara spring 2

max mara 3

max mara 4

max mara 5

Photo: Gianni Pucci /