While the cold winter knocks on my window, I feel the need to relax in a cozy place.

I am more a sunny person, even if I do like the snow and I know that this season has a special significance for many of us. Meanwhile, I prefer to watch the winter from my window, while I’m sitting in a warm special place. Joy comes from things you least expect it, your favorite flowers, a good book or maybe, a new gorgeous bag.

I love the carefully embroidered items and this is about my new special bag that I will be wearing this season. It’s a wonderful item from Iutta, a fashion design brand that promotes the Romanian tradition and culture. This Romanian label brings to life artistry stories and traditional symbols through their wonderful accessories collection. 

The bag I wore it’s an item from the last collection, NEO, which portrays the significance of an ancient culture, Cucuteni. It’s a leather bag, carefully embroidered and is super versatile that fit perfect for any occasion. Either you are planning to go classy or  sophisticated, this beautiful item will perfectly complement your style.

The embroidery trend made a huge come back in fashion and maybe it’s time to add a new sophisticated vibe to your wardrobe. Discover the latest Iutta collections and see what suits you best. Perhaps a new bag, or maybe a new pair of shoes, because one girl can never have enough accessories, right?

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Geanta Iutta colectia Neo

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geanta de piele Iutta floraria Iris


Outfit: Stradivarius cardigan, C&A jeans, Iutta Bag

Location: Floraria Iris