A collection with colorful stripesinnovative elements and some 1960s vibe influences.

In a preview of his debut collection for Iceberg, designer Arthur Arbesser name checked the Italian artist Enrico Baj and his vivid, often politically charged paintings as an inspiration.

I thought the most important thing was to start the project really fresh, with almost nothing in mind,” said the designer.

Iceberg is known for its knitwear and it was nice to see the designer staying true to that aspect of the brand’s heritage. The supercharged shades that Arbesser chose and his slim silhouettes gave the lineup a mod 1960s vibe, a feeling cemented by the use of perforated metallic silver tops and flared pants.

Iceberg 2 Iceberg 3 iceberg summer 2016

Photo: Marcus Tondo / Indigitalimages.com