Who said that short hair can’t be sexy? Well, even if I was a big fan of long hair, secretly, I always wanted to try a short hairstyle and now, finally i did it!

Practically, not me, but a talented hairstylist, with magic hands that made my wish come true in just a few minutes. Actually, only a few seconds lasted until I went from my long hair to a short haircut, styled then in this fancy wavy lob.

It was just in time, because this way I didn’t have time to change my mind. Haha, obviously I’m kidding, the decision was already made and I don’t have any regrets! I had my long hair for nearly 10 years, a very long time, so I was thinking for a while to make a change. Finally, I found the courage to take action thanks to this great team: Adrian & Ana Harlea, a perfect couple that made me feel so pretty.

Adrian took care of my hair and Ana made me a beautiful natural makeup, that matched perfect with my new look. Besides, when you’re working with professional people, nothing can go wrong. This weekend we made an early appointment @HRoom , their beauty place where the magic happens.

We decided that a long bob it’s the perfect choice for me because looks fresh, modern and it’s so easy to style. Also there are plenty of hairstyles that I’ll still be able to achieve even with this haircut. For now I already tried this lovely wavy lob that I really loved!

hairstyle before and after

 I know you’re curious to see how everything happened, so I did a special before and after shooting with all the steps. Enjoy!

Hope you’ll like this big change as much as I do!  😀

hairstylist Adrian Harlea

hairstyle before and after beauty Adrian Harlea

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Location: H Room

Many thanks Adrian Harlea Hairstylist & Ana Harlea Makeup-Artist