Simona Oprea Institutul de Moda

I write with some delay, but here I am with the last details of Feeric Fashion Days Sibiu 2015. The festival started in the beautiful city of  Alba Iulia and ended in Sibiu with an exceptional gala, but let’s start whit the beginning.

As you already know, Feeric Fashion Days took us to the most beautiful locations from Sibiu, atypical  for fashion shows, but with a great visual impact. The last day we arrived in another stunning location, the Brukental Palace from Avrig, located about 20 km far away from Sibiu. Here we watched a feminine and seductive collection, signed by Winklaar Michelangelo, a Dutch fashion designer.

Here are some outfits that impressed me:

feeric fashion days Michelangelo Winklaar

Feeric fashion days 2015 Michelangelo Winklaar

Sibiu feeric fashion days Michelangelo Winklaar

Michelangelo Winklaar designer olandez Sibiu Feeric fashion daysFoto: Horatiu Curutiu

After this collection we returned in Sibiu for a new presentation, certainly the most spectacular fashion show from the festival. In a fabulous location, under the portico of the Evangelical Church from Piata Huet, we watched a collective collection signed by The Fashion Institute „Salomeia Truta” , named Order of the Dragon, a great variety of mysterious and creative clothing creations

This collection brought color and spectacle on the streets. Creativity takes courage and I really admired the show, the artistic makeup, the impressive hairstyles and the spectacular outfits, magnetic and vibrant, that sparked some great applause from the crowd. Undoubtedly, this is the moment that I liked the most in the last day of the festival.

Enjoy the representative images that will say more than a thousand words.

Institutul de Moda Salomeia Truta Feeric Fashion Days

Institutul de Moda Salomeia Truta Feeric Fashion Days 2015

Institutul de Moda Salomeia Truta Feeric Fashion Days Sibiu

Institutul de Moda Salomeia Truta Feeric Fashion Days prezentare

Institutul de Moda Feeric Fashion Days prezentare

Institutul de Moda Feeric Fashion Days Sibiu2 prezentare

Salomeia Truta prezentare Sibiu feeric fashion daysFoto: Horatiu Curutiu

The 30 outfits took inspiration their from the legend of Vlad Tepes.

The team that made this collection is composed of students from design: Mihaela Dobrica, Simona Oprea, Suica Ana Maria, Filomena Chifor, joined by designer Salomeia Truta, which also has a 5 years experience in theatricat costumes productions.

Institutul de Moda Feeric Fashion Days prezentare SibiuFoto: Institutul de moda

Also, the project received support from another team, responsible for tailoring, hairstyle and make-up: Corina Necula, Catalina Bajanaru, Tanea Raru and  Florentina Monea. This extraordinary collection was made in just two months by a wonderful team.

Making of Intitutul de modaFoto: Institutul de moda

Certainly wasn’t easy, they worked very hard, but the effort was worth it and was successful. I know from my experience how hard it is to work for a clothing collection in six months, not just in two months, so personally, I want to send my congratulations to the whole team, they really deserve it!

A few hours later, after this moment started Feeric Fashion Days Gala.

Unfortunately, after a small incident, let’s call it food poisoning, at midday I ate something,  still don’t know exactly what caused me some bad problems, but I’ve got sick and I thought I would lose the final show. So I missed the beginning, the first collection, but finally I felt better and I managed to and enjoy the beautiful Feeric Gala.

Alina Margulescu, Mona Predescu, Alexandra Indries, Georgiana Stavrositu, Alina Cernatescu, La Mode Toujours, Lavinia Ilies and Tiberiu Berbeci were the eight fashion designers who presented their creations on a new bridge, different from previous years and more enchanting.

Alexandra Indries

Alexandra Indries

Georgiana Stavrositu

Georgiana Stavrositu

Alina Cernatescu

Alina Cernatescu

La Mode Toujours Feeric fashion days

La Mode Toujours

lavinia Ilies Feeric Fashion days Sibiu Gala

Lavinia Ilies

Tiberiu Berbeci Feeric fashion days sibiu gala

Tiberiu Berbeci

Foto catwalk Feeric: Horatiu Curutiu

Considering the above mentioned incident, well, I don’t have any pics with my special outfit prepared for this event, because I didn’t wore it anymore, on the contrary, I chose some casual clothes, I took a taxi and I arrived as soon as possible to watch the show.

However, I will show you another photos with a floral feminine dress that I wore in the first part of the day.

Feeric Fashion Days 205 Cristina Candea Blogger

Feeric Fashion Days Sibiu 2015 Blogger Cristina Candea

Feeric Fashion Days 2015 Modern Fashionista bloggerFoto: Cornel Petrus

It was a great pleasure to be part of this great festival, I saw a lot of beautiful places, I met some great and talented people and who knows, maybe next year I will repeat the experience.

Finally, a last frame with the perfect team, with my one and only, Radu, who is supporting me, It was near me all the time,  enduring the heat, the long walking, the sun and my moods.

Feeric fashion days