First day at Sibiu Feeric Fashion Days passed so quickly, that I feel like I’m here for a few days, not just from yesterday. I arrived on the second day of the festival, but I enjoyed the special atmosphere, participating to no less than six fashion shows!

I didn’t even notice when the day passed and I’m very excited to share with you my first impressions from the spot.

The first fashion show was held in an absolutely special location, the model’s catwalk was Sibiu International Airport runway. With the support of  Blue Air company, A for  brand presented a multi brand collection from an airplane.

Feeric fashion days 2015 event

A for A

Feeric fashion days 2015 prezentare aeroport

FFD Aeroport - Dragos Dumitru

A for A / Foto: Dragos Dumitru

The models walked the runway wearing elegant dresses and cocktail outfits having an exceptional background! I appreciate the original ideas and certainly this presentation, will remain in my mind.

blogger de moda Cristina candea

I have chosen a smart casual relaxed outfit.
I wore: Primark floral top, Reyon Park pleated skirt and CCC- Jenny Fairy black sandals with medium heels.

For the second presentation of fashion designer Bianca Popp, we moved in the center of the city. Another reason of joy, because I really missed to walk trough the beautiful streets of Sibiu, to rediscover the charming air of the city. In addition, the background chosen for this show was so delightful, the presentation was held in the main portico of the Evangelical Church in Piata Huet.
Bianca Popp feeric fashion days

Bianca Popp

Bianca Popp prezentare feeric fashion days

Bianca Popp

Feeric fashion days Sibiu 2015

Foto: Dragos Dumitru

I chose a new outfit for this show, more feminine with pastels, but equally comfortable.

I wore: Sheinside lace top, Atmosphere pleated skirt, handmade bag by Craciun Alina and CCC Oxford sporty shoes.


We ended the first day from Feeric Fashion Days with another four enchanting presentations wick took place in Feeric Venue. Here we discovered Mihher designers collections, Go Style, Spencer and  Lise Charmel, a Parisian lingerie brand.

FFD Lise Charmel - Dragos Dumitru

Lise Charmel / Foto: Horatiu Curutiu

Mihher Feeric Fashion Days sibiu

Mihher/ Foto: Horatiu Curutiu

Feeric fashion days 2015 Mihher

Mihher / Foto: Horatiu Curutiu

FFD Feeric Venue - Dragos Dumitru

Go Style / Foto: Dragos Dumitru

Feeric fashion days 2015 Go Style

Go Style



Foto: Dragos Dumitru

Today we’ll have a new round of fashion shows that will start at Brukenthal Palace Square. I’ll go and prepare myself for the shows and I’ll be back tomorrow with fresh impressions about this day!