I always wanted to have white teeth and I admired people with enviable teeth.

We know that a perfect smile is is quite expensive, plus I have a great fear when it comes to the dentist, so I thought to try a teeth whitening treatment at home.

I was very curious for the results, because my teeth never had that natural white, but this method really worked. I tried Whitestrips Crest 3D whitening strips, Luxe version and the results were really noticeable after just a few uses.

I began treatment for 4 days and I wore the patches for 30 minutes as directed. Patches are quite thin and flexible, covered with bleaching with peroxide and fits very well in the teeth shape. I have quite sensitive teeth, but I didn’t felt any tenderness when I started using them.


benzi crest white

I am very pleased with the results that I had so far and I will continue the treatment for another 5 days. Along with bands I used Crest White toothpaste. Once a day I completed the treatment with a whitening pen for a good maintenance. Indeed, I saw a difference and I will gladly recommend these products!

creion Crest White albirea dintilor tratament

Check more informations about thie great products on their website:http://www.albirea-dintilor.com/

According to US manufacturer Procter & Gamble studies , Crest Whitestrips products will not attack tooth enamel.


dinti albi acasa benzi Crest White