City Walk


Hey there, did you miss me? I was gone a bit, well, you know, had some mom duties, but here I am, back with a colorful post.
August will be a busy month for me. Considering that I’ll attend Milan Fashion Week in September, I have a lot of things to do, but I’ll manage to organize all somehow. So, thinking about fashion week, I feel more inspired now and I’ll prepare some fashionable summer outfits. Today’s look is one of them.

Wild roses


There is no summer without wonderful dresses. And what about the roses? Well, they are everywhere.

You know me. I have a big passion for items with spectacular design and this wonderful red dress just caught my eyes from the moment I saw it. A special location was a must and once we checked them all, we knew that our shooting would be great. 

Summer pastels

Fashion, My Style

Is that time of the year again. Hello summer, hello light dresses, pleated skirts and pastel waves!

How I missed this feeling and now I’m ready to enjoy my favorite time of the year. Summer gardens are so beautiful and a walk before sunset is such a nice and enjoyable experience. When you wear a playfully pleated dress and ballet flats is even better. 


Street romance

Fashion, My Style

You can never have too many floral printed dresses, right?
At least, this goes through my mind every time I want to buy a new beautiful printed dress. I always find something different: the colors, the pattern, the cut and most importantly, if I can wear it in at least 3 combinations, well it must be mine.

Pink vibes & dreams

Fashion, My Style

If my life isn’t pink yet, at least my clothes should be. What do I mean?

Well, I go through the most beautiful an challenging moments now. My life changhed absolutely and everyday brings me something new. Somedays I’m blue, others I’m red, or even pink , so ins’t just about a color, but certanlay is about joy.  My baby boy will turn soon 6 moths and I can’t belive how quickly the time has passed.