Although I hoped  we got rid of snow this winter, well, it wasn’t so.

Even if I’m not very happy about that, I will not start to complain, on the contrary, I thought about a few useful tips to face this bad weather.

baby cold outside

       1. The warm chunky sweater

I’m sure you already know that is my favorite piece of clothing this season and of course is the top in my list. It’s so easy to wear all day long, looks pretty and still comfortable, so definitely is a must have item for upcoming cold days.

       2. A moisturizing cream

Crema Loreal triple activeAs the outfit we are wearing, our skin appearance is also very important, so a moisturizer cream is an essential product.  Especially in winter winter, because of the cold and very low temperatures, the skin needs a special care. 

Now I’m using L’oreal Paris triple active, a day cream, moisturizing and multi protective. It has a very nice texture, smells great and is immediately absorbed by the skin.

     3. A delicious cappuccino

Definitely, winter would be to hard to endure without a warm and flavored drink like cappuccino, agree? So, during  a cold windy day, a tasty cappuccino is the best cure. It works perfectly for me! 😀

        4. A cookie

Life is short, surround yourself with good people and only eat good cookies. Haha, don’t know about you, but I like how it sounds. And we have to admit, a cookie goes perfectly with a tasty warm drink, right?


     5. A good book

Not least, fill your free time discovering a beautiful story! Winter reading deserves more love than it gets, so for a couple of hours forget about the laptop, let the unread messages and find a cozy place, then get lost in a good book. 

A wonderful book that I read and I’d recommend is One Day by David Nicholls.
This is it for today, hope you enjoyed my tips, stay warm, enjoy little things and have a great week!